Ripstaal Klick-Board®

Ripstaal Klick-Board® creates high quality, sharp, external plasterboard corners with one simple click. Ideal for bulkheads, pipe housing and column covers at a fraction of the time required for traditional methods. Once clicked and installed, Klick-Board® is ready for painting - no plastering required resulting in a guaranteed high-quality corner finish and significant savings in time and materials. Klick-Board® corners are protected by a hard PVC system that is positioned on the inside of the corner dispensing with no need for external metal beading. Klick-Board® comes with the option of either a one or two click profile per board and in different sizes. Klick-Board® is delivered horizontally thanks to the built-in lock strip which is removed before the board is clicked on site - this allows for efficient transportation and storage. The plasterboard currently used in Klick-Board® is the world re-known Knauf brand which is the second most widely distributed brand of plasterboard in the world. Distribution of Klick-Board® successfully commenced in Europe in 2015 and is now available in New Zealand. Klick-Board® is available in a variety of types of Knauf plasterboard.

Why use Ripstaal Klick-Board®?

  • No installation of metal corner beads.
  • No plastering of metal corner beads.
  • No plaster drying times.
  • No sanding external corners.
  • Less framing needed for boxing in pipes, building bulkheads etc
  • You can create sharp and strong corners in no time.

Technical details and downloads:

Klick-Board® is available with one, two or three klicks.

Klick-Board® thickness is 12.5 mm

Klick-Board® lengths are 2.4m, 2.6m and 3m

Klick-Board® brochure download. Klick-Board® user manual download. Board Savings Program download. Klick-Board® stock list download